Tri Rismaharini

Tonight i am going to share to you about one of the person who i admired the most and her name is Tri Rismaharini, who is former Mayor of Surabaya from 2010 to 2020. There is several reason why i applaud her while working as Mayor. Firstly, Risma has already succeed transforming Surabaya to became one of the beautiful city in Indonesia. She have been able to remade Surabaya with adding more public amenities and parks in almost all over the place in the city. Secondly, she has turned the government of Surabaya from corrupt government into good government. Moreover, she also built a mall of public services to served and communicate well with the local residents. Hence, Risma surely will be missed when left the position as a Mayor of Surabaya while took a job as a Ministry of Social, and obviously, her successor have a lot of homework to become as good as Risma.

Posted in Sidoarjo, 28 February 2021/01 March 2021, 23.34–00.01


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