My goals for the future

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readMay 3, 2021

Every person in the world have their own goals and it made them had a meaning of their life. Some people just want to have fun, and the others have more serious goals to achieve. Personally, i am not different from other people, but most of my goals was really serious. There are several plan that i have made, such as 1.) reach IELTS band score, 2.) finished my Ph.D proposal, and 3.) continue my study and going abroad.

Getting IELTS band score higher than 6.0 is always challenging, and i am aimed to reach 7.0 on this year. i have been studying for around 1 year but still not convinced enough to take the real test because i still unconfident and need more preparation. Moreover, the price of IELTS real test does not come any cheaper, so i must collect the money as much as i can. hence, to get certain IELTS band score is still need more effort and preparation.

Ph.D proposal also my priority to finished this year. i do not have more time since my supervisor only gave me one year. However, i found difficult to finished it due to my lacks of knowledge about the topics, so i still need to read more and learn the theory before finding the research gap or the main problem. Therefore, i should finished that task as fast as i can before reach another step of my path to get a Ph.D study.

In addition, after finished my Ph.D proposal, i wish i could get some Letter of Acceptance unconditional from my supervisor and immediately start my journey as a Ph.D candidate. i knew that nobody said it was easy, nevertheless i should reach that point for my career. Thus, even thought it will be so challenging to study abroad, but i am build an optimist minds that i will able to reach my goals, whatever it takes.

Posted in Malang, 3 May 2021, 23.30–23.51