IELTS Writing Practices #63

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readMar 13, 2024


Intro (Original): The graphs below show how people in a European city reached their office and got back home in 1959 and 2009

Intro (Paraphrased): The two pie charts provide information about the way people in a European city commuted to and from their office in two different years, 1959 and 2009.

Overall, it can be seen from the graph that more than half of the workers opted for walking to work in 1959 while in 2009 car use saw a significant rise, making it the most popular method of commute. it is also interesting to note that people traveled long distances in 2009.

According to the illustration, more than half of the job holders walked to reach their office and get back home in 1959 while only a quarter of them did so in 2009. Bus commuters in this city accounted for 15% in 1959 while it was 2% less after 5 decades. The ratio of office executives (15%) who used trains in both years remained the same. One in ten office commuters drove cars in 1959 but after five decades their percentage increased significantly, 35% to be exact. The use of different other transportation in 2009 also experienced an increase from it was 50 years earlier.

It is worth noticing that the speed and average distance traveled by these commuters considerably rose in 2009 when a commuter traveled 19 kilometers on an average in 42 minutes compared to their average 3.5 kilometer journey in 17 minutes in 1959.