Adi Slamet Kusuma
1 min readFeb 26, 2024

IELTS Writing Practices #57

The bar chart shows the factors that most affect work performance at a given company by age group.

Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that there is general congruity in terms of the factors, though younger employees value promotion prospects, opportunities for personal development, and a relaxed working environment more highly. For both age groups, salary and team spirit were important and work environment and job security tend to be less impactful.

In terms of the categories with greater similarity, for both ages, 60% consider team spirit important and 30% think the environment impacts their work performances. The reported figures are also similar for job satisfaction (55% for those aged 18–30 and 50% for those 45–60), respect from colleagues (38% for younger workers and 42% for their older counterparts), money (73% for younger employees and 70% for older ones), and competent bosses (near 50% for both).

However, there is a significant contrast in terms of how much chances for personal growth affect work with 90% for employees aged 18–30 and just 38% for older workers. Similarly, younger people place greater emphasis on a relaxed working environment (85% to 30%), job security (40% to 20%), and advancement prospects (80% to approximately 48%).