Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readFeb 23, 2024

IELTS Writing Practices #55

In many nations, the average weight of people is increasing, and their level of well being is declining. In this regard, it is proposed that expanding the number of gyms is the most effective way to boost the health of the general public, although many disagree and contend that other measures are needed. In my opinion, the proposal of expanding the number of gyms is an insufficient measure; however, this essay will explore both aspects of this discussion.

It is true that this proposition does offer some benefits. For instance, if a sport facility is established in every zip code of a city, people will find it quite convenient and time-efficient to commute to the nearby gym and as a result would be more likely to work out. Additionally, gym-goers may come into contact with other like-minded individual who share similar health goals, which could result in an increased motivation to exercise. However, despite these benefits, merely increasing the number of gyms is not the ideal solution.

In my view, more effective strategies are needed to promote public health. The government should take the initiative to promote healthy eating, because research has shown that food plays a larger role in fitness that exercise. National campaigns should be launched to educate people about their food choices and economic stability should be promoted in undeserved communities, since malnourishment rates tend to be the highest in poor areas. I believe that these measures have the potential to have the most profound impact on public health.

All things considered, while increasing the number of gyms would have some benefits, it would be an inadequate measure. I would advise health committees to instead focus on exploring more effective measures, such as education and incentivization.