IELTS Writing Practices (#45)

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readDec 5, 2021

Technological developments in this modern era have transformed the way people interact and socialize. In my opinion, advancements in communication technology have played a vital role in bringing people closer, including the uses of online meeting and the increase of social interaction.

In previous centuries, people used letters and telegrams to interact with each other. With the advent of modern technology like the telephone, the internet, and online meeting, people can collaborate more effectively and get closer from any distance. For instance, workers’ today can collaborate in any activities, such as discussing, meeting, or interviewing new candidates from all over the place and keep communicating through the conference calls. This kind of activities becomes popular nowadays and bring people all together even though that people are from far away places.

Another advancement in communication technology come up with the existence of social media. There are more ways to socialize now than people used to be in the past and that comes from social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Men and women nowadays can now make friends on social media and have a high interaction through posts, messages, and online chat. Some people even make a new relationship with their partner that they met online and published it. Those facilities definitely engage more people and improve communication and relationship

However, some might argue that the implication of technology on people’s relationship is one of the main issues despite its benefits. The argument that it has a negative influence on people’s relationships is based on the condition that people will avoid face-to-face communication, prefer to talk through social media, and become more individualistic in the long run. Therefore, to prevent that problem, it is important to create an awareness to the public that actual communication is more important than virtual ones.

In conclusion, technology has no doubt revolutionised the way we interact and socialize. Technology usages enable people to keep in touch with people who live in different places and this kind of activities never happened before.