IELTS Writing Practices (#43)

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readNov 11, 2021

As already known, most countries nowadays have open their arms to cultural diversity while some native people might argue that visitors should follow local tradition. In my opinion, i totally disagree with those ideas of open countries, because it will brings more disadvantages for their local people than the benefits.

Nowadays, travellers worldwide seek a new experience that they never met before, and the unique traditional countries will provide those experiences. Consequently, the host countries should maintain their tradition, culture, and heritage places, and indeed the travellers should follow the local customs. For instance, Waerebo village, one of the world heritage places in Indonesia, has a local law for every tourist to respect the native ancestors, including smoke-free areas and the number of tourist per day is limited. Facing an experience like this will bring a lifetime of moments to every visitor.

However, I support those who think that bringing new cultures and behaviours to one country by visitors can seriously threaten their culture. Many native people believe that people may be interested in other countries’ culture when tourists come to their countries and by this way, they forget their local traditions. For example, most Indonesian teenagers today start to ignore their local culture and prefer to follow western and Korean styles, which may lead to cultural extinction in the future.

In conclusion, I strongly agree that many countries should avoid the idea of open culture to prevent cultural extinction and preserve local culture to bring uniqueness to tourism countries.