IELTS Writing Practices (#41)

Information about six different energy consumption in United States since 1980 and predictions until 2030 is informed in given graph. In general, almost all energy consumption by fuel were increased substantially and Petrol and oil was the dominant energy source during the surveyed periods.

In 1980, Petrol and Oil, which made up 35 quadrillion unit (35q), was the most energy source that consumed by people in United States, rising to approximately 43q in 2020, and this trend is set to continue with projected value of nearly 50q in 2030. Natural gas and Coal was the second and third highest in 1980, which were 20q and around 15q, respectively. However, coal overtook natural gas in 1990 and despite some fluctuation, is set to be the second most used fuel in 2030 at over 30q. It also predicted that natural gas will level off and remain constant at about 25q.

Nuclear, Solar/wind, and Hydropower all represented around 4q in 1980 and fluctuated up until 2010. It is predicted that nuclear energy will reach 10q by 2030, and Solar/wind around 5q, with hydropower slighly dropped and then remaining constant at approximately 2q.

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