IELTS Writing Practices (#40)

Information about populations’ age of Yemen and Italy in 2000 and prediction for 2050 is informed in given pie charts. In general, as seen from the charts that people there was a huge gap between Italy and Yemen in three surveyed ages parameters.

In 2000, The highest age proportion for people in Yemen was people age 0–14 years, making up 50,1% followed by people with 15–59 years old (46,3%) and age more than 60 years old (3,6%). However, a different pattern was seen in Italy. People ages 15–59 years was dominant, which made up 61,6%, followed by more than 60 years old and ages 0–14 years old’s people, which were 24,1% and 14,3% respectively.

In 2050, estimated that there were slightly changed in Yemen and Italy’s population. While the dramatic increase for 15–59 years and more than 60 years old’s population in Yemen from 46,3% to 57,3% and 3,6% to 5,7%, respectively, the number of people at age 0–14 decreased theirs from 50,1% to 37%. However, the age population in Italy were shown a different pattern. the age 0–14 and 15–59 years old were decreased from 14,3% to 11,5% and from 61,6% to 46,2%, respectively, while the only increased aspect was predicted for ages more than 60 from 24,1% to 42,3%.

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1st Alternative:

The pie charts illustrate the populations of Yemen and Italy based on three age groups in 2000 and 2050.

Overall, the highest proportion of people in Yemen were aged under 14 while most Italians fell into 15–59 age group in 2000. It is predicted that in 2050, populations of both nations will show an increase in the percentage of elderly people.

In 2000, over 60% of citizens in Italy fell into 15–59 bracket, compared to that of Yemen, at roughly 45%. Similarly, the elderly Italians made up approximately one fourth of their population, yet the figure for Yemen was trivial (3,6%). In contrast, a half of Yemen’s population were children, while the data of Italy was significantly lower, with just under 15%.

In the year 2050, the proportion of 15 to 59 year olds in Yemen will be on the rise, to about 57%, while that of italy will drop dramatically by roughly 15%. In addition, it is predicted that the figures for people who will be aged over 60 in Yemen and Italy will both climb by 2.1% and 18,2% respectively. However, the forecast shows that there will be a decrease in the percentages of children in these countries, to 37% and 11,5%.

2nd alternatives



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