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Total minutes of calling on telephone in the UK, divided into three parameters in billions from 1995 to 2002 is informed in given bar charts.

In general, The local fixed line was the most dominant calling type and there were widening gaps between three aspect but it was narrowed over the periods.

At the beginning of the period, local-fixed line had the highest minutes in telephone calls at approximately 70 billions minutes, which were much higher than National and international-fixed line and all calls for mobiles, which were around 37 billions and 2 billions, respectively. Over the next 4 years, all of three surveyed aspect were increases, such as for the local fixed line from approximately 70 to 90 billions, for National and international fixed line from around 37 to 50 billions, and for mobiles from just 2 to around 12 billions minutes.

After 1999, the number of calling for local fixed line was decreased constantly while pattern for the others two aspects showed differently. Calling for local fixed line was decreases from 90 billions in 1999 to the similar amount of the beginning of the period in 2002, which was 70 billions. Meanwhile, the call amount for National and International line and mobiles phone were increases considerably from 50 to 60 billions and 12 to 45 billions, respectively.

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The bar chart compares the duration of telephone calls made by different lines in the UK between 1995 and 2002

Obviously, local fixed line was the most common call type in this nation over that time. The numbers of minutes of telephone calls using national and international-fixed line and mobiles increased, but the figure for local fixed line rose and then fell back.

In 1995, local fixed line was used to make calls during more than 70 billions minutes, doubling the figure for national and international fixed line. At that time, mobile phone was not a common way to make call, with its total duration being only about 3 billions minutes.

From that year to 1999, local fixed line was used more frequently, with its figure reaching 90 billion minutes, but four years after that, this figure fell back to the initial point. In comparison, national and international fixed line usage climbed gradually to 60 billion minutes, compared to a sharper growth in the duration of mobile phone calls which recorded around 45 billion minutes in 2002.

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the bar graph shows the combined time spent in billions of minutes, on three different kinds of phone call in the United Kingdom, from 1995–2002.

Overall, local calls were the most popular over the whole period, with national and international calls and calls on mobiles second and third respectively. However, the number of minutes spent on international and national calls and mobiles both increased over the period; with mobile minutes increasing dramatically, thus narrowing the gap between the three categories by 2002

Minutes spent on local calls fluctuated over the time period, with just over 70 billion minutes in 1995, peaking at approximately 90 billion in 1999 and then steadily decreasing to just over 70 billion minutes in 2002

National and international calls increased steadily year on year, from just under 40 billion minutes in 1995 to a peak of just over 60 billion in 2002. Mobile minutes increased at a very rapid pace from approximately 3 billion in 1995 to around 45 billion in 2002. Mobile phone usage nearly doubled from approximately 22 billion minutes in 2000 to 40 billion in 2001.