IELTS Writing Practices (#37)

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readOct 14, 2021

Studying overseas is an exciting idea and offers some advantages for many people. However, some people prefer to not going abroad because of the difficulties of living in a different culture. In my opinion, I totally disagree with those who stay at home, because the problems will definitely be outperformed by the obvious benefits overseas study offers.

One of the main benefits of studying overseas is the actual use of the English language. It is well known that the best way to be proficient in English language for academic and non academic purposes is living and staying in a country where the English language is widely used. English improvement for students during studying abroad comes not only from listening from first-hand users but also through speaking daily, which is forcibly used, and writing through assignments. By this, English is best learned in English speaking countries and benefits from studying abroad is greater than study locally.

Another great benefit of studying overseas is the opportunities for students to gain such invaluable experience of cultural diversity. It is an excellent opportunity to close contact with various people from different cultures and countries in academic and non academic activities daily. Students may get involved in the campus cultural events that introduce them to another cultural nuances they may not know before. Those activities indeed bring overseas students experiencing cultural surprises and understanding that will give them a lifetime moment.

Finally, studying abroad is one of the easiest ways to expand the international network for students concerned about it. Students, who are also employees in university, can optimize these opportunities while meeting face-to-face with supervisors and start a new connection between student’s company and their campuses. Those connections may bring an invaluable benefit for both sides in the future, such as joint research, scholarship, or apprenticeship opportunities.

To sum up, the overseas study opens more insight in terms of English improvement, experiencing cultural diversity, and international network during studying overseas that local study may not have it.