IELTS Writing Practices (#35)

Adi Slamet Kusuma
1 min readSep 14, 2021

The table illustrates social and economic index for 2 poor countries and 2 wealthy one in 1994, based on Statistics of United Nation. Overall, as seen from the table that there was a huge gap between wealthy countries and poor ones in four surveyed parameters.

In 1994, Japan had the highest annual income per person in US$, at 15760 followed by Canada at 11100, Peru (160) and Zaire (130), respectively. Similar pattern was also seen in the second indicator. Japan, which constituted 78 points, had considerably more life expectancy at birth than Canada, making up 76 points, followed by Peru and Zaire, which were 51 and 47, respcetively.

The third indicator shows that the calories supply per day for each person in Canada and Japan was 3326 and 2846 respectively, while Zaire, which made up 1749 daily calories per person, was moderately lesser than Peru (1927). Meanwhile, Canada and Japan shared similar amount of adult literacy rate, at 99%, while 68% and 34% can be found in Peru and Zaire respectively.

Posted in Malang, 14 September 2021.