IELTS Writing Practices (#22)

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readJun 26, 2021

This map compared the current condition of Hudderstone town and the expansion plan for the future.

In general, can be seen from the figure that air field planned to be replaced by industrial estate, and also another roundabout projected to built near gas station.

Currently, Hudderstone town has a main road, called A2, which is connected to air field, railway, and town center, and the only roundabout in the city can be found in the intersection between A2 and railway. Furthermore, Hudderstine town has a railway in the middle of the city which connectiong A2 and town center, and there is gas station beside it, while town center built in the of the path and surrounded by build up area ring road.

In the future, air field planned to be replaced by Industrial estate and there will be new street which connecting the industrial estate to the railroad. Also worth noticing that the position of old roundabout will sligthly change to a bit lower whilst this city planned to remove the old 4 junction and build a new roundabout in the location. And also there will be new main road from A2 to town center called A4.

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The maps illustrate a number of proposed changes that are to take place in the town of Hunderstone.

In general, while the area to the east of the railway will remain almost the same, the western side is going to undergo several significant changes, especially with regards to the transport infrastructure.

As can be seen in the first map, Hunderstone Town is currently divided into two main areas by a railway line, which runs from north to south and passes by a gas station. To the west of the railway, there is an air field which is connected to the main road (A1). A roundabout in the middle of this road connects the A1 road to the east of the town, and in particular, to the ring road around the town centre.

In the future, the airfield in the north west of Hunderstone Town is expected to be replaced by an industrial estate. A new railway line will also be constructed to provide further access to this area. In addition, a new, larger roundabout will be constructed midway along the road connecting the east and west of the town. A new road (A4) which will connect the A1 to the town centre will also be built in the south of the town.