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Adi Slamet Kusuma
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The chart and table illustrate the number passenger of UK’s cruise and percentage by age in 1973 and 2003

As can be seen from the table that the number of passenger at the end of the period increased significantly compared to early stages. In addition, the majority of customer of UK cruise came from person with age more than 50 years old.

At 1975, total of passenger of UK cruise were 397837 and those numbers rose rapidly 28 years later with more than 300 per cent increased, at 1005231. Majority of passengers were elder people with age more than 64 years old.

As can we seen from the chart, passenger with ages more than 64 years old were dominated the cruise, with less than 40 per cent at 1975 and grew up to 50 per cent 28 years later. The second and third highest were people with age between 55 and 64; and between 45 and 54, with percentage at both period were around 30 and 20, respectively. It followed by ages between 35–44, 25–34, and ages below 24, with each percentages were below 20 per cent at 1975 and 2003.

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These two charts reveal the total cruise passenger number and the percentage of two different years among different age groups in UK

The figures for the UK cruise passengers in 1975 showed an upward trend in all age group. In the former three age groups, the percentages were all below 10 per cent. And then it increased by 10–20 per cent every decade, reaching 35 per cent among those age are between 55 and 64. Obviously, cruise was the most popular among those aged over 65, seven times the number of the youngest age group.

There were 1005231 passengers cruising in the year of 2003, much higher than that in 1995. Likewise, the proportion of 2003 also experienced a similar tendency. There were 10 per cent of cruise passengers in the under 24 year old group, to which the smallest percentage belonged. The following age groups saw a gradual rise every decade, from 15 per cent in the 25 to 34 year olds to 33 per cent in the 55 to 64 year old group. Among the passengers whose age was over 65, nearly 50 per cent of them went on a cruise.

To conclude, cruise becomes more popular among different age groups and the interest become keener as age grows.