IELTS writing practices (#1)

Adi Slamet Kusuma
2 min readFeb 8, 2021


Problem in our nature nowadays need more serious attention. Some people argue that the problem caused by the extinction of our species in plants and animals, while I side with those who believe that nature problem happened because of more major natural issues.

Extinction of our species in plants and animals caused a significant impact in life cycle in the mother earth. That’s because of loss of one aspect in the life cycle, it also have an impact to following aspect. For example, if the species of snakes were extinct, the numbers of rats will growth massively, because there is no main predator for rats. Even though it still can be controlled by human after all, it still caused a massive problems. Thus, the existence of specific plants and animals can caused a massive problems even human will be able to handle that issues.

Despite the reason above, I support those who think that pollution is a bigger issues in our nature because pollution damaged our environment in many aspect. For instance, air pollution can caused an acid rain. In high amount of water, acid rain will becomes and soil water. When soil water contains a pollutants, it will damaged the soil and everything that lived in this area, such as animals, plants, and human. Hence, the pollutions created more dangerous problem in our nature.

In conclusion, even though some people may think that the extinction of animals and plants were the main environmental issues, I definitely agree with the others who believe that pollution is the real main issues.

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